maggie flanagan - Artist 


Fee Structure to Commission a Portrait

Oil on Canvas 
(Prices are per each person to be painted.)

11” X 14” Head and Shoulders   $650.00
16” X 20“ Head and Shoulders   $750.00
24” X 36” Head and Shoulders   $1050.00
36” X 48” Full Length   $1,400.00

Watercolor or Pencil Portraits

8’ X 10” Head and Shoulders   $550.00
11” X14” Head and Shoulders   $650.00
16’ X 20” Head and Shoulders   $750.00

(Prices do not include framing.)

Procedure to Commission a Portrait

A discussion with the Artist to determine the number of subjects painted, size, media, price and other details begins the process. Once you have made the decision to commission a portrait, an agreement is prepared, specifying all details. Upon signing, a deposit of 50% is required. A photo session is scheduled for the composition. The photo session may take up to 2 hours. A meeting to review the photos with you is scheduled. Once an image is agreed upon, you will be kept updated with images of the artwork throughout the process, ensuring your delight with the final piece. You may schedule an appointment to come and view the work in progress at any time.

Upon completion, the painting is delivered to you, and the final 50% is due.

Allow extra time for an oil portrait. This work of art can take anywhere from two months to six months or more, depending on the number of subjects to be painted, the complexity and size of the painting. Final drying time of the oil paint can be several weeks.